Why Your Computer Hates You!

First thing is first, your poor old computer doesn’t hate you! It can however from time to time feel neglected.

What do we mean by neglected? Think of your computer as your car!

What happens when you do not service and maintain it?
The answer is the same, it breaks down!

Exactly the same can be said for computers/laptops and other electronic devices, if not looked after and regularly checked up on, they break down.

What are the main problems everyone faces with computers? they are almost the exact same every time.
From old and failing hard drives, dust chocking the fans internally and other components like memory (RAM) that have reached the end of life.

So what is the best course of action then! Well it is very simple, take it to your own trusted computer repair business for a service.

ClichĂ©? Yes it is. BUT… how else will it get the good old once over? It needs to be done by somebody who does this thing regularly, not some backyarder who does it in his spare time between school classes.

Computer repair shops inside major shopping centers are often your best place to take them as they have a big reputation to keep up, and the last thing they want is bad press.

Just remember, when you go in there; know what to talk to them about. Here is a list of things that you would want to tell & ask them.

  1. Ask them if they can do a diagnosis on the machine and give you a report before anything further is completed.
  2. IF.. they inform you that parts need to be replaced, get a quote in writing, if you are happy to proceed then make sure you inform them you would like the old parts back. (This will hopefully deter them from trying to pull a fast one on you.)
  3. If you have doubts whether the job really is needing parts to be replaced or you just feel pressured, take it else-where with the written quote and and get a second opinion! It is YOUR machine after all!!!
  4. Lastly, if you are happy with the work to be completed ask them to do a full report of work completed at the end of the job. Once you have taken the machine home check it straight away to make sure that the parts that got replaced really did get replaced with what was on the receipt.

There are tons of tools available on the internet (some linked below) that will help you check and verify exactly what hardware your PC has in it.



CPU-Z Screenshot












CPU-Z is a fairly simple program that runs and checks what CPU, Mainboard, RAM and Graphics card you have.

Download Here


Speccy - Screenshot















Speccy is probably my personal pick. Combining CPU-Z info plus also adding hard drive information, network cards, and things like keyboard and mice.

Download Here

Well that’s about it. Still have questions? feel free to reach out to us at anytime via our Facebook page or shoot us an email: info@brisbaneittech.com.au