Welcome aboard:

Brisbane IT Tech have now started our on-boarding using our newly purchased RMM system via NinjaRMM.

What is NinjaRMM you may ask? Good question.

NinjaRMM is a platform that allows our technicians to install a very small (roughly 27mb) file onto the machine we need to monitor and help maintain.

This file gives Brisbane IT Tech the ability to keep track of certain aspects of the PC – Including:

  • Hard Drive errors
  • Windows and 3rd party program failures/crashes
  • The ability to assist with tech support via either remote control or screen sharing
  • Patch updates for windows and other O/S
  • Managed Anti-Virus solution (We take care of the scanning and removal process if anything is found)
  • Data backup management
  • Disaster Recovery

If you can think of it, NinjaRMM can pretty much do it. (There are also 3rd party add-ons to NinjaRMM, that assist to complete the job.)

We welcome any potential or existing customers that would like a bit more information or; even a live demo on how it all works, to get in touch with us.

Brisbane IT Tech, are more than happy to provide you with a no obligation FREE quote.