Computer Diagnosis

Computer Repairs and Why You Should Use a Technician!

Look, we all know one. A family member or friend or the neighbors kids down the road, who says they can fix a computer.

Lets be honest, would you let the guy next door who says he can fix you car because he knows how to start one, work on yours? Probably not.

Same goes for your computer, Right? Well, probably not. But it should.

Our Computer Repair Services are just like a mechanics services, only we are dealing with precious memories, photo’s, videos, birth and wedding images and videos, work documents and sensitive information. So why would you get the kid next door. You shouldnt! It’s that simple.

So, why should you use a Technician instead?

Simple. As a technician, we have (in most cases) spent a fair chunk of our working lives in this field. I.T is not generally a field that you just learn, it requires passion and dedication. (often after the partner calls it a day, and the kids are tucked safely into their beds does the real hard part start.)

I know myself that as an I.T Tech, I can spend hours upon hours watching press releases of new products being released, troubleshooting videos by others in the industry, reading forums and so much more. For the average I.T Tech, we eat, breath and sleep this stuff.

It’s not enough for us to scrape by on basic knowledge, we need to… nay, we must know as much as humanly possible to stop us from getting stuck on an issue while onsite. Like any job, the more time you spend studying the more you learn and the more problems you can overcome.

Now, not to say that the kid down the road has NO knowledge (we all have to start somewhere right?). There is a fair chance he or she is now doing exactly what we do as Pro’s, they just do not have the real world experience yet.

So in conclusion; if you need a computer repair service, call your local I.T business. They will most likely know of a youngster who is itching to come out in the field with them, ask the tech if they can come out too.

Help the young generation, envolve them, teach them, show them how the work is done properly.